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Movies in Fifteen Minutes

Author: Cleolinda Jones
Originally Published: 2005
Publisher: Orion Books

Movies in Fifteen MinutesI’m sure I’m like a number of other people around the web who have been eagerly anticipating this book for many months now. In fact, I was looking forward to it so much that I couldn’t wait until it was published here in North America to get my hands on it, and had it shipped here from the UK.

Like most people who had been awaiting this book, I stumbled upon Movies in Fifteen Minutes at Cleolinda Jones’ LJ Community, where she parodied a number of movies that I absolutely adored. That’s the thing with her parodies – you can tell that she loves the movies, and the way she writes about them is exactly what we are thinking while we’re watching the movie, without even realizing that we’re thinking it at the time.

As I mentioned, this book parodies movies – 10 blockbusters, to be exact, including (but not limited to) Titanic, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Lord of the Rings (yes, all three of the LotR trilogy).

It was a perfect book for reading on the bus, as it kept me awake and made me feel like my half hour bus ride was only about 5 minutes. I’m sure there were a number of people who turned to look at me when I would start giggling, but you can’t really help it at times.

This will be a book that I go back to time and again just to read certain parts of certain movies when I’m in the need of a good laugh.

Of course, she gets extra cool points because she mentions Horatio Hornblower in the Titanic one. Extra cool points there. (Not that I’m biased or anything. Nope. Not at all.)

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:21 pm November 8, 2005.
Category: Humour
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