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Review Policy

Thank you for expressing interest in my review policy! I have outlined it below, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me (courtney{at}moonsoar.com).

General Disclaimer

While I am appreciative of all emails I receive about books, I do not have the time to respond to all review requests. I am quite selective about the books that I do accept, and only respond to those requests that interest me. I try to read and review all books that I have been sent within a timely manner, though that does not always happen.

Please note that by accepting a review copy, I cannot guarantee that I will write a positive review. I write honest reviews on my site, and if I did not enjoy the book that I read I will mention that. I try to look at the good parts of the book, and still try to mention who exactly would enjoy it, however.

What I read

I read a large variety of genres including (but not limited to) Young Adult, Scifi/Fantasy/Speculative fiction, chicklit, general fiction, Canadian fiction, and nonfiction.

I typically do not enjoy, and will not accept copies of books that are mystery or spirituality.

Formats I Accept

At this moment in time, I only accept actual physical books, not electronic formats of books.

Blog Tours, Interviews, Guest Posts

I do not usually participate in blog tours, I no longer do interviews with authors, or accept guest posts. I have in the past, and if the topic was of great interest to me, I would probably do so again. You are more than welcome to contact me about these, but I do not guarantee that I will agree to be involved with the blog tour, interview or guest post.