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Once Upon A Bookshelf

Where Fiction and Reality Meet


The Blog

Once Upon a Bookshelf started in 2005 as a place to keep track of what I have read. Over the past few years this has evolved into more than just book reviews, and has become my own personal blog. I have been blogging in one form or another since freshman year in university, over a decade ago. While those blogs no longer exist, I’m sure remnants can be found online if you dig hard enough. Not that I’m recommending that.

The Woman Behind the Blog

Hey! That's a picture of me!I am a blogger. A graphic designer. A bibliophile. A gluten-free foodie. A shipper. A Whovian. A Brown Coat. A Jedi. A Gater. And most importantly, a fangirl.

I am a self-proclaimed geek and fangirl. I read geeky things. I go to scifi conventions. I love cult shows and movies.

When I am not obsessing, fangirling and reading, I work as graphic designer. Currently I am a web designer at Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. I also freelance. (Hey look, it’s my portfolio!) I’m passionate about good typography, balance, accessibility and well-written content.

I’m a gluten free foodie. While I don’t like creating my own recipes, I love baking, cooking and eating. I also am one of those people who (gasp!) take pictures of what they’re eating and drinking – especially if it’s got a pretty label.